Family HEART Camp is governed according to the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method, also known as Sociocracy. This method integrates organizational structure, decision making and operations to cultivate the organizational values of connection, equivalence and effectiveness.

Organizational Structure

Family HEART Camp's established organizational structure consists of three interconnected levels:

Circlular Hierarchy

  • The FHC Top Circle fulfills the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of a traditional nonprofit Board of Directors, as well as connecting the organization to the external environment. The FHC Director and an elected representative of the Coordinating Circle serve on the Top Circle.
  • The FHC Coordinating Circle makes decisions that impact the entire camp community, including common policies, processes and procedures. Each camp hosting team is represented on the Coordinating Circle.
  • The Camp Hosting Teams organize, plan and operate member camps with full autonomy over most aspects of the camp.

Decision Making

The FHC Top Circle and Coordinating Circle operate using the rule of consent or "no objection." If a consenting member of one of the circles objects to a proposal, the circle resolves the objection before moving forward with implementation. Every proposal includes a review date and measurement criteria which support the circle in making decisions that are "good enough for now."

Legal Structure

Family HEART Camp is incorporated in the State of Colorado as a Non-profit Corporation and has been granted federal tax-exempt status under IRS Section 501(c)(3). Use the Governance Resources menu to view FHC's organizational documents.

FHC Coordinating Circle

The Coordinating Circle (FHC-CC) governs the day-to-day operations of Family HEART Camp. The FHC-CC includes one or more representatives from each member camp, as well as the FHC Director. They meet monthly by video conference for mutual support, camp updates and to make decisions affecting the entire camp community.

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Rhonda Eldridge

Rhonda Eldridge (West Virginia Co-Host)


Jared Finkelstein (California Co-Host)

Greg Rouillard

Gregory Rouillard (Director)

Jennifer Warnick

Jennifer Warnick (Wisconsin Host)

Susanna Warren

Susanna Warren (Ohioana Host)

FHC Top Circle

The FHC Top Circle (FHC-TC) fulfills the legal and fiduciary responsibilities of the organization, including meeting record-keeping and reporting requirements pertaining to our status as a 501(c)(3) Charitable Organization. The FHC-TC meets by video conference on a regular basis to make decisions related to the FHC legal structure, financial responsibilities, and fundraising.

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Lorinda Bosch

Lorinda Bosch (Treasurer)


Jared Finkelstein

Stacey Martino

Stacey Martino


Susan McDowall (Secretary)

Gregory Rouillard

Gregory Rouillard (Director)

Bob Segall

Bob Segall

Jennifer Warnick

Jennifer Warnick (President and FHC-CC Rep)

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