Our Partners

As in many areas of life, we "get by with a little help from our friends." The FHC partners listed on this page are organizations we consider to be fellow travelers on the journey of connection and service to families and communities. Please visit their websites and learn about the meaningful work they are doing in their local communities.

Capital NVC

Capital NVC is the original sponsor of Family HEART Camp when our only camp took place in Virginia. They are "an organization committed to the growth of Nonviolent Communication in the Metro DC area and to creating peace and understanding in the world," offering trainings and community events for individuals, couples and families. Most of the members of the Hosting Team of FHC of West Virginia are also active in Capital NVC.

To learn more or connect with Capital NVC activities, please visit their website.


Compassion4Parents (C4P) hopes to create a space where parents are welcome to share vulnerably, be fully heard, and received with presence and empathy; to support one another in navigating parenting challenges; and to offer companionship, community, and compassion. They offer a parent support line provided by a group of parents who are practitioners of empathic listening, informed by the principles of Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

To learn more, please visit their website.

Conscious Family Law

Conscious Family Law FirmConscious Family Law & Mediation is a professional company in Boulder, Colorado providing collaborative divorce mediation focused on maximizing the long-term health of children and adults, and representing the legal needs of individuals when necessary with strength and integrity. We provide a unique blend of conflict-resolution techniques and coaching to help intimate partners work through problems and conflict, and get clear on a joint vision for the future. We then support them with communication tools and critical distinctions about what makes a relationship extraordinary. To learn more, please visit our website.

international Experience

international Experience (iE) is a "non-profit educational exchange organization devoted to the growth of friendship and understanding among the people of the world." iE believes that "learning about other cultures, languages, and customs is the best way to eliminate international fears and prejudices." 

FHC is part of the iE Host Family Referral Program and receives a $200 referral fee for each new host family with a completed student placement. If you are interested in hosting with iE for the benefit of Family HEART Camp, or have friends or family members who might be interested, please complete this form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

To learn more about iE, please visit their website.

The Patchwork School

pw-900pxThe Patchwork School is an innovative non-profit organization promoting children’s rights and meaningful educational options for all, at the heart of which is a community-based democratic school located in Louisville, Colorado. By respecting children as people with ideas, interests and opinions, and by utilizing our community’s resources, we have created an experiential learning environment that fosters critical thinking and problem solving, develops communication and leadership abilities, nurture’s self-confidence and self-direction, promotes compassion and sustainability, and most of all preserves a passion for learning. Through the school, our parent education, teacher training, and community building, we advocate for freedom, responsibility and compassion in community. To learn more, please visit our website.

Peace Circle Center

The Peace Circle Center is a collaborative team of professionals passionate about healthy relationships between and amongst youth and adults. We are excited to share our expertise to support your family, classroom, group or organization in increasing empathic connections, co-creating healing outcomes to conflicts and incidents of harm, and empowering children towards greater self-respect and respect of others.

We are trained and experienced in various peacemaking skills such as Nonviolent Communication, Positive Discipline, Conscious Discipline, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Restorative Circles, Peacemaking Circle Processes, Dialogue Circles, Community Conferencing, Young Women mentorship and more…

To learn more, please visit our website.

Wisconsin Empathy Guild

The Wisconsin Empathy Guild (WEG) is a project of the non-profit Center For Community Stewardship (C4CS). WEG is "an organization of people passionate about building Nonviolent Compassionate Community in Madison, Wisconsin and the surrounding area." WEG supported the first year of FHC in Wisconsin in 2012, and WEG board members served as Host and volunteer assistants at that camp.

To learn more about WEG and to connect with the NVC community of south-central Wisconsin, please visit their website.

Parent Peer Leadership Program (PPLP)

While the Parent Peer Leadership Program is not directly associated with any of our camps, FHC and PPLP are interconnected by the many PPLP graduates who attend and serve at camp, and the many campers who end up participating in the PPLP.

The PPLP is a 9-month peer leadership training program, originally created by Inbal Kashtan, for NVC practitioners who are dedicated to integrating NVC into their families as well as sharing NVC with other parents. The program is accessible to anyone world-wide who speaks English and has reliable access to the Internet and a way to phone in. PPLP runs annually from October to June.

The purpose of the PPLP is to support such lay leaders to deepen their capacity to:

  • Understand NVC: to have clarity about NVC practices and the consciousness underlying these practices
  • Live NVC: to integrate NVC consciousness and skills into daily life
  • Share NVC: to have the skills, awareness, materials, and support needed to begin to share NVC with other parents, and to live/model NVC in the learning and teaching process

PPLP is led by CNVC-certified trainers Ingrid Bauer and Stephanie Bachmann Mattei. To learn more about PPLP, including a complete program description, tuition information, trainer bios and an application form, visit the PPLP website.

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