Family HEART Camp offers "single-stream" registration for all of our camps. This means you apply for a volunteer position as part of the online registration process.

Please read this entire page carefully before registering. To read the full content of a section, click the "Read More" link. Reading all of this information will help you fill out the volunteer application with ease!


There are two types of volunteer positions available: Program Assistant and Hosting Assistant. All Family HEART Camps use Community Sourced Programming (CSP) as the program framework in each camp. There are not separate programs based on participant age.

Hosting Assistants

kitchenfunWe invite volunteers who wish to contribute to camp in all areas of camp life. These assistants support the Hosting Team with logistical details such as:

  • Lodging liasion
  • Kitchen liaison
  • Food preparation
  • Meal cleanup
  • Other contributions

Do you have special skills you would like to contribute? Please let us know when you register and apply for a volunteer position.  

Program Assistants

Jennifer LennonThe camp Program Team includes people who intend to serve the community by making Community Sourced Programming (CSP) offerings.

We strive to build a robust team for each camp. We want to provide a wide variety of program offerings for all ages. We also value choice, freedom and exploration for our team members. We want them to make offerings that appeal to them. We don't want them to be constrained to work with a specific age group or demographic.



3monkeysFamily HEART Camp depends on volunteers to create a safe, trusting, and respectful community. We are deeply grateful to those who offer their time and talent in this way. We also strive to make camp affordable for our participants and sustainable in the long run.

To contribute to sustainability and ease for our camps, we invite each volunteer to contribute some or all of the base cost of attendance at camp.

Will you please consider your financial means and the level of joy you might find in contributing in this way? Will you make a contribution that works for you?

If you are planning to bring any family members, we also request you contribute financially to offset or cover their room and board costs. We also welcome you to contribute a higher amount, if you are joyfully able and willing to support FHC in this way.

Here is a table showing the mimimum requested contribution for volunteers and staff family members for each camp.

Application Process

Ready to volunteer? Visit the Registration Page and complete the online registration form. This form includes the volunteer application where you can tell us how you want to serve at camp. Here are two resources to help you fill out the form:

Questions? Use the Main Contact Form and select "Volunteering" as the subject. If your question is about a specific camp, please include the name of the camp in your submission.

Once we receive your registration form (and volunteer application), we will contact you. You can expect to hear from us within seven days of receiving your application. We will explain the camp's volunteer application review and approval process.  If you need a response sooner than this, please make a note in your registration form or contact the Camp Host.

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